The great crested TARDIS Cake

Yes I have faced my nemesis – the TARDIS cake. I don’t do many 3D cakes in fact I was going to wimp out and do a 2D one but a friend told me off and told me to have faith! So I have spend the last few months trawling the internet to see which is the best way to make the masterpiece that is my nemesis.

I used two main sources. Aritsan cake tutorial which is a fantastic step by step blog. And Cute sweet things which was also a brilliant resource.

I started off by making the board – inspired by Artisan cakes. Which was supposed to be a Galaxy type of affair.  I just splatted some food colouring and made a passing resemblance to a galaxy. Thank goodness I was going to put a cake on it and hide most of it!

Cake Board Galaxy
Cake Board Galaxy

Cake Board Galaxy

Then came the cake. I made a chocolate mud cake from Cute Sweet things in a 9 square tin. I then cut it into 4 squares and stacked. The picture below is me testing the height of the cake.

Chocolate mud TARDIS cake

Chocolate mud TARDIS cake

I then made an obscene amount of chocolate  ganache to cover the cake. Again I got the amount from Cute Sweet things – but to be honest its a ridiculous amount. You can easily half the mixture. Ganache gives a good base as it can produce quite straight sides which for a TARDIS cake is pretty essential.

So I cut the 4 squares in half in eight  & filled with ganache and placed it on a 5 inch cake board. Then I used dowels to support the next section of the cake – below is a picture of the cake once made and cut to give you an idea of what it looked like. Dowels in TARDIS cakeThe dowels give a good support to the cake and helps the structure. If you didn’t dowel it would collapse. Then on the top of the cake I placed the other 4 ganached pieces.

Then came the process of ganaching (is that a word!) the cake and trying to get straight sides. Any holes in the cake were plugged with fondant.

ganached cakeThe above photo was taken before I straightened the sides. It was best to do this with a hot palette knife.

Then I covered the cake with 4 blue recatangles (I used colour flair navy and ice blue to get the TARDIS blue colour).

The rectangle were covered with strips to make the details of the sides, windows and doors. The roof was made of fondant as well – just a large rectangle and a smaller raised dome. I added  4  pieces of fondant to neaten up the roof.TARDIS CAKEWindows were added by using white fondant and detail added with edible pen.

The TARDIS iconic signage came from Eat your words  which gave fantastic detail to the cake. The handle was made of fondant painted with silver dust.

TARDIS CAKE SIGNAGEI used a floral light obtained from ebay to give the final touch. I made a hole in the top of the cake and made a cage around the light & added a round top and a ball for final detail.

TARDIS LIGHT2013-09-22 13.51.17The light was added at the last minute as the battery only lasted a short time but it looked really impressive. I was very pleased with the final result as I only make about two 3d cakes a year I thought it was a good effort.

My son was very impressed – especially with the firework candles!


The cake inside wasn’t too bad either!


Even the marshmallow adipose seemed happy.

Marshmallow adiposeHappy baking!