Lemon drizzle cake & Drop Scones

My mum made this when I was on holiday. & I liked it so much I made it when I returned home. It’s a delicious, lemony soft and fluffy sponge. It is also very moist and lasts really well.

Doing this blog is forcing me to practice simple techniques in cake making. I keep noticing mistakes that I make when I go through the recipes.

For example I didn’t level the tray bake enough so it came out looking lopsided.

Lopsided lemon Sponge

Lopsided lemon Sponge

Its a very simple mistake but does make a lot of diffference to the bake. I could kick myself for missing stuff like this but when you are multi tasking then little key stages can be easily omitted.

That’s the problem when you bake at home with children.  Cooking with children is like juggling act. Take the drop scones for example. I wish I could say that this was a blissful serene moment between a mother and her children. That the boys were very patient and helped their Mother with the mixing whilst we all laughed and merrily put little dustings of flour on each others noses.  The reality was that my two lovelies were asking screaming for breakfast, argued over who was going to turn on the mixer, who was going to sit next to the mixer, who was going to break the eggs. In the midst of this I was trying to make breakfast -stop the kids from killing each other – balencing them both precariously on the kitchen top & putting away an online shop.  The Great British bake Off  seems a breeze compared do my weekly experiences of baking.

Oh and the drop scones were delicious. They are similar to the Scotch pancakes that I made the other week. The boys like them with Chocolate spread, lemon and sugar but I prefer them with Greek Yogurt, blueberries and maple syrup.


Till the next time.




Two down – 98 to go

This weekend I have been very productive. I was just going to do a Victoria Sponge but I managed to do Scotch oranges pancakes as well.

Orange Scotch Pancakes

Pancakes are very popular in our house and we have them most weekend. According to my boys they are either fat or thin pancakes. Thin (Crepes) usually wins but fat sometimes makes an appearance. I usually serve a batch with Greek Yogurt, Fruit and maple syrup. Its a fabulous breakfast.

Mary’s recipe is a simple batter  – the liquid part being orange juice and milk. My mother always used to warn me not to have milk and orange juice together because the milk curdles in my stomach! When I mixed the liquids together it did curdle but it certainly didn’t affect the taste or texture.

I cooked these on a traditional bake-stone. I’ll talk more about that when I make Welshcakes.

Orange Scotch Pancakes cooking on bakestone

Orange Scotch Pancakes cooking on bakestone

They only took a few minutes and I took Mary’s advice to put them on a cooling rack and cover with a clean tea-towel.

They went down very well – lovely with with butter and syrup – although my boys insisted on lemon juice & sugar as well.

In fact they went down so well I forgot to take a picture of the finished product. I had a bit left over so I cooked a few more!

Scotch orange Pancakes

A really lovely version of pancakes. Don’t forget to eat them with the zest as this really makes the dish.