Cheese scone

I love cheese scones, they are so simple and delicious with lots and lots of butter. It is simple and very quick. My 2 year old loved helping me with this and got his special rolling pin out for the occasion. He obviously gets his rolling skills from his mother…

Rolling cheese scone
Rolling cheese scone

Mary Berry makes a giant cheese scone cheese scone round instead of individual scones in her book.

Mary Berry's Cheese scone round
Delicious cheese scone

And it tastes delicious. Even my husband who is not a scone fan went back for seconds..and thirds. A winner again from Mary


Blueberry muffins

First rule about baking is – always check your ingredients before starting. There I was happily weighing our all my ingredients,  I go to the fridge to  get to the blueberries and there is less than half a punnet left.  My husband had got there before me. So I improvised -I had a couple of very ripe bananas which I mashed up and added. And to go with the healthy theme I added er.. half a bag of  choc chips.

So they ended up like this



and they were delicious and went down very well at work.

A happy baking mistake. My husband did present the criticism that they weren’t as soft as others he had had in the past……but you can’t please everyone!

Looking forward to the Greta British Bake off coming back next week!

Chocolate roulade

Yes I have been super productive this week. I have got the wind  up my bum when it comes to baking. I cooked three things at the weekend Chocolate roulade, cheese scone and muffins.

Chocolate roulade is one of those recipes that I would look at in a recipe book and go…nah – too much hassle. But it is surprisingly easy – well apart from the rolling part . More of that later. In fact having checked the link to the BBC website and read this version of MB recipe the method is different and I wish I had followed this version when I made it.

This is a remarkably rich cake and is not for the faint heated – it uses six egg yolks which are whisked with sugar until fluffy. Melted chocolate and whisked egg whites are folded carefully into the mixture.

Folding in the egg white

The cake didn’t take to long in the oven and ended up looking like this.

Mary Berry's chocolate roulade

Cake out of the oven

I followed MB’s instruction to letter, left the cake in the tin with a damp tea towel overnight. (This technique is different on the link above).

Now here’s where it all went a bit wrong. I should have researched this a bit better before rolling but I was in a hurry as per usual. In the book version I have it does not mention that you need to cut it from the short end to start it off. Mary says that cracks add to the charm. Well that’s lucky as the roulade ended up looking like this.

Chocolate roulade

Not so much a roll..

Oh well its tasted divine. It was moist, rich and decadent and something that I would definitely do again for a dinner party or a treat! I froze half so I do have that to look forward to.

Swiss Roll

I was a little apprehensive about making this bake. Rolling the cake filled me with dread! Fortunately I was cheered up by my 4 year old  who found the joke about swiss roll hilarious.

This is a fat free sponge.  Its very simple to make, whisking to get enough air into the sugar and eggs. The eggs and sugar will quadruple in size with enough whisking,


Swiss roll mixture – eggs and sugar

I was in a rush as usual and I didn’t fold in the flour enough – there were a fair few flecks in the mixture when it was put in the tin. I would have been crucified on the Great British bake off  for that!

The cake only takes about 10 mins and I let it cool a little before adding the jam.


Swiss roll out of the oven!

I trimmed the cake and let it cool a little before rolling it.

Rolling the cake did fill me with dread but it was fairly easy. It could have been a bit tighter but not bad for a first effort.

Mary Berry Swiss roll coated in sugar

Swiss roll coated in sugar

The finished product was fluffy & light. It was quite tasty but not enough to make me rush to bake it again. But it would be nice to eat with custard or cream.

My son’s birthday is coming up soon – I need to start thinking about how to make a TARDIS cakes. Till the next time – Chocolate roulade!


I am a terrible flibbertigibbet doing this project sorry. I was going to do all the cakes in order but that’s not feasible. I am going to hop from page to page depending on mood, ingredients and the occasion!

Last Friday I made Cupcakes for a keyworker leaving nursery. Yes the ubiquitous cupcake that not even Queen Mary can escape from. There is so much love and hatred for these small heaps of sugar filled fancies. It amuses me that people can get so worked up over such a small cake. Mumsnet is filled to the brim with complaints about these American upstarts and how they are just simply fairy cakes. However there is a simple  difference between cupcakes and fairy cakes.  Cupcakes are bigger!

Mary’s recipe is another all in one. I changed the recipe slightly as vanilla cupcakes are a bit  – well vanilla! I added Lemon zest and lemon essence to the basic mixture.

mary berry's cupcake, mixture

Cupcake mixture

I can never get my cupcakes top come out flat, they always have volcano like tops.


So on one of the hottest days of the use I decided to ice cupcakes.

I used a 2d nozzle for a basic swirl. Not my best work but they’ll do.

On a break next week so probably no baking for me. To next time!

Victoria Sponge

So this weekend I also made Victoria sponge.  When I think about Victoria sponge I think that it is boring but every time I make it I really enjoy its beautiful buttery simplicity. It really is the best cake to have with a cup of tea.

There is a lot of debate about Victoria sponge and what is the definitive recipe. Whether to use the all in one method or cream the butter and sugar? Which jam? Cream or no cream? Vanilla essence or not? Mary’s recipe uses the all in one method so there is no mucking about creaming the butter and sugar with eggs curdling the mixture (which is the bane of my baking life).

The boys enjoyed putting all the mixture in my mixer and it only took a few minutes until it was nice & smooth and ready to go in the oven. My two year old got a bit excited about cracking the eggs so there were probably a few rogue egg shell pieces in the mixture!

Mary berry's Victoria sponge, recipe

The recipe states that it should take 25 minutes but my oven is quite quick so it took a few minutes less. If you can invest in a good oven thermometer please do, as all ovens vary.

Golden brown out of the oven

So here is the finished product. It was beautifully risen, light and fluffy and tasted amazing. I used Strawberry jam but you can use any type of jam. I would also fill it with whipped cream for a special occasion.

 Victoria sponge

 Go on & revel in the buttery simplicity!

Two down – 98 to go

This weekend I have been very productive. I was just going to do a Victoria Sponge but I managed to do Scotch oranges pancakes as well.

Orange Scotch Pancakes

Pancakes are very popular in our house and we have them most weekend. According to my boys they are either fat or thin pancakes. Thin (Crepes) usually wins but fat sometimes makes an appearance. I usually serve a batch with Greek Yogurt, Fruit and maple syrup. Its a fabulous breakfast.

Mary’s recipe is a simple batter  – the liquid part being orange juice and milk. My mother always used to warn me not to have milk and orange juice together because the milk curdles in my stomach! When I mixed the liquids together it did curdle but it certainly didn’t affect the taste or texture.

I cooked these on a traditional bake-stone. I’ll talk more about that when I make Welshcakes.

Orange Scotch Pancakes cooking on bakestone

Orange Scotch Pancakes cooking on bakestone

They only took a few minutes and I took Mary’s advice to put them on a cooling rack and cover with a clean tea-towel.

They went down very well – lovely with with butter and syrup – although my boys insisted on lemon juice & sugar as well.

In fact they went down so well I forgot to take a picture of the finished product. I had a bit left over so I cooked a few more!

Scotch orange Pancakes

A really lovely version of pancakes. Don’t forget to eat them with the zest as this really makes the dish.