About me

I am a baker – a hobby baker. Not professional in any shape or form. I love baking and cakes & I am good at it. A friend of mine had been nagging me for ages to set up a Facebook page to showcase my cakes. The thing is I am good baker but there are so many better bakers out there & so many baking blogs/Facebook pages – do we really need another one?

But I need a challenge and I need to brush up on my basic skills, so have decided to set myself a goal. To cook a recipe from Mary Berry’ s My Kitchen Table: 100 Cakes and Bakes  – one recipe each weekend. You know along the Julie Powell route but through baking. Now having very little experience in the blog world I naively thought this might be an original idea. Of course it’s not – it’s been done before and done very well. But hey  -as my friend says “there’s nowt original ont interweb” so this will be my take on it.

This blog is about the basics of cake making. If you get the basics right then I think its a good grounding to being a bit more creative.   I  promise to stick to Mary’s recipes (although I may embellish them a little with some icing!). If I make any cakes “off challenge” I will post these and I will also blog about cakes I have made in the past.

I barely have time to think most days so don’t expect arty shots lovingly crafted with bare foot children in the background. Expect me to whitter on about cake consistency, Dr Who birthday cake disasters and the school/nursery run.


One thought on “About me

  1. Great idea! Looking forward to reading about your experience. I will never have the discipline to stick to a book I get sidetracked by random ideas all the time! 🙂

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