Triceratops cake

Ok, I have been rather neglectful of the Berry but I have been busy. Christmas & New Year is a rather hectic time for me. I have cooked a lot of Ms Berry’s bakes – honest guv  -and will report back on them soon.

As I reported last time my son wanted a Triceratops cake for his birthday. Not just any Triceratops cake –  but one with Dr Who riding it. Yes for a Two (now Three) year old he is very specific and he knows exactly what he wants.

So to start with, I used a 2 litre pyrex bowl to mold the body. I used Nigella Lawsons buttermilk sponge which is a really nice moist cake & cuts well.

Crumb coated Triceratops body

Crumb coated Triceratops body

I carved the cake at the front either side to make a body shape, crumb coated in butter icing &  then covered this in Blue sugarpaste – I used” ice blue” Sugarflair colour.

2013-12-21 09.11.30

I made two horns and a tusk out of white sugarpaste mixed with some CMC and left them to dry for a day. I also covered a large rectangle cake board with green icing. (I used Sugarflair Mint green with a bit of Christmas green).

Then I made the head out of Rice Krispies squares. The squares are squished together to make a head shape. I found it easier to do this by putting the squares in the microwave for  about 20 sec. The head was covered in butter icing.  I covered the head in sugarpaste but I used a piece much larger so that I could add a frill to the neck . This was then trimmed and detail was added to the frill using a cake tool. You could use the back of a knife.

2013-12-21 09.56.23

To make the legs I moulded 4 pieces of sugarpaste into sausage “leg” shape and then attached them (with water)  to the body – smoothing them down at the point of contact with the body as much as possible. Feet shapes were added to the bottom of the legs.

I made the claws out of mini triangle s which were added to the bottom of the feet with water. Triceratops feet!

2013-12-22 13.17.08

Triceratops cake

More details was added -Eyes, (White round plus smaller black round made from icing),tail (large sausage shape – icing) and spots (left over green icing cut into rounds). The horns and the tusk was the finishing touch. These were just pressed into the head with some water – they held very well. 2013-12-22 13.17.30

Triceratops cake with Dr Who riding it.....

Triceratops cake with Dr Who riding it…..

So that’s it. I cheated and bought a Dr Who figure Matt Smith but I was pleased with the finished result. It’s a simple one to do and didn’t take that long. Looking forward to my next 3D cake challenge.


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