How to make a Woolly and Tig Cake

Last year for my son’s 2nd birthday I made a Woolly cake from the Cbeebies programme Woolly & Tig.

To be honest its a fairly straightforward cake to make. I used a 2 litre pyrex bowl to make a lemon Madeira cake. I used a muffin sized cake for the head. I placed the cakes on a large 12 inch board and crumb coated with butter icing. The colours were a mixture of Sugar Flairs’ ice blue with a few drops of Christmas green to give a darker blue hue.

Wooly base - crumb coated

Woolly base – crumb coated

I then covered the cake with butter icing using a Wilton 233 nozzle to give the “fur” effect.

The legs were made with fondant icing which were in three parts. Blue squares at the top, red sausages in the middle and yellow”hands” at the bottom.  – I used toothpicks to join the sausages and squares together. These were left to dry.  They were then stuck onto the icing in the position below.

ooly and Tig cake with legs!

Woolly and Tig cake with legs!

Details were added with the eyes and nose made from yellow and black fondant. I could have done a bow but didn’t have the time!

How to make a Woolly and Tig Cake Woolly and Tig Cake

How to make a Woolly and Tig Cake – Its only a toy spider!

It went down very well with my two year old at the time.

This year he want specifically wants a Triceratops cake – not only that but he wants a Dr Who riding the Triceratops  –  so I  have my work cut out!

Happy baking!


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