…..and other lesser bakes

Its been a busy old month so I haven’t had much time to blog or bake but I have managed to do three MB bakes – Chocolate brownies, chocolate tray bake and banana bread. And its been a  Its been a long time coming but I have faced my nemesis in the last few weeks. The Tardis cake. More of that later.

Chocolate brownies were the most fun. I made them with my two boys anmd not only did they like making the brownies but they enjoyed eating bthem as well – which is a rareity – they usually like licking the bowl covering themselves in chocolate mixture and then turning their noses up at the finished product. Mary Berry's Chocolate brownies

This time the brownies were a winner though. I was actually afraid that they wouldn’t be chocolatey enough but they were delicious. I have made these about three times this month as they are terrifically versatile.  Don’t overcook them!

Banana bread was made due to excess ripe babanans. Itw as the easiest ting in the worls to make. Mary does love her all in one recipes! Its was simple yet delicious and lovely with butter.

beautifully simple and tasty!

beautifully simple and tasty!

The last bake was a chocolate tray bake that I made for my son’s party as I was afraid that

1) I wouldn’t have enough cake and

2) The TARDIS cake would be too much of a hassle to dismantle and cut.

I am glad I did it as it was far easier to cut up this quickly than a complicated cake. I covered it in Chocolate ganache left over from the TARDIS cake. I  made some fondant Doctor Who toppers (Daleks, Cybermen, TARDIS and K9) & used star sprinkles to add to the theme!  It was very simple to make and well worth doing if you are having a party. I

Tray Bake for a Dr Who Party!

Tray Bake for a Dr Who Party!


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