I am a terrible flibbertigibbet doing this project sorry. I was going to do all the cakes in order but that’s not feasible. I am going to hop from page to page depending on mood, ingredients and the occasion!

Last Friday I made Cupcakes for a keyworker leaving nursery. Yes the ubiquitous cupcake that not even Queen Mary can escape from. There is so much love and hatred for these small heaps of sugar filled fancies. It amuses me that people can get so worked up over such a small cake. Mumsnet is filled to the brim with complaints about these American upstarts and how they are just simply fairy cakes. However there is a simple  difference between cupcakes and fairy cakes.  Cupcakes are bigger!

Mary’s recipe is another all in one. I changed the recipe slightly as vanilla cupcakes are a bit  – well vanilla! I added Lemon zest and lemon essence to the basic mixture.

mary berry's cupcake, mixture

Cupcake mixture

I can never get my cupcakes top come out flat, they always have volcano like tops.


So on one of the hottest days of the use I decided to ice cupcakes.

I used a 2d nozzle for a basic swirl. Not my best work but they’ll do.

On a break next week so probably no baking for me. To next time!


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